WooCommerce 2.6.5 – Fix

Kiadták a WooCommerce 2.6.5 verzióját, mely rengeteg javítást tartalmaz.

A javítások ismét szép lajstromot mutatnak:

  • Fix – Shipping classes URL in admin.
  • Fix – Notice in reports when using custom date ranges.
  • Fix – When checking needs_shipping, ignore anything after : in the method ID.
  • Fix – Allow has_shipping_method to work with instances.
  • Fix – Potential notice in wc_add_to_cart_message().
  • Fix – Prevent notice in wpdb_table_fix if termmeta table is not used.
  • Fix – Payment method box fixes e.g. maintain previously selected payment method after update.
  • Fix – Prevent multiple password validation methods at once on my account page.
  • Fix – Ship to specific counties option had no effect.
  • Fix – Broken Webhook delivery due to use of post_date_gmt which does not exist for drafts.
  • Fix – Use method title in admin shipping dropdown.
  • Fix – Fixed downloadable variable product URL.
  • Fix – Handle object when generate_cart_id is used to prevent notices.
  • Fix – Set header link color in emails.
  • Fix – Rest of the world ID 0 zone handling when using CRUD classes.
  • Fix – Cast prices as decimal when querying prices in price filter widget.
  • Fix – API – Fix coupon description field.
  • Fix – API – ID needs to be capitalized to allow correct sorting.
  • Fix – API – Fixed undefined order ID.
  • Fix – API – Allow API to save refund reason.
  • Fix – API – Resolved encoding issues with attribute and variation slugs.
  • Fix – API – get_attributes should return term name, not slug.
  • Fix – API – Product “filter” and “sku” paramaters.
  • Fix – Handle info notices in cart, not just error messages.
  • Fix – Don’t remove hyphens in attribute labels.
  • Fix – Start sales on variations after they are saved, if applicable.
  • Fix – Made the text showing max variations you can link match the actual filtered value.
  • Fix – Add missing tables to wpmu_drop_tables function.
  • Fix – When syncing variation stock, ensure post is a variation.
  • Fix – Resolved some sales by date sum issues.
  • Fix – Fix cart update in IE when enter key is pressed.
  • Fix – Variation is_on_backorder when parent manages stock.
  • Fix – Fix variation script malfunctioning when show_option_none arg is set to false.
  • Fix – Fire tokenisation event on load for pay page.
  • Fix – Populate attribute dropdown when empty.
  • Fix – Fix email check on my account page.
  • Fix – Send processing email on on-hold to processing transition.
  • Fix – Incompatibility with SQLite databases.
  • Fix – KGS and ISK currency symbols.
  • Tweak – Password reset now uses WP functions.
  • Tweak – Format US 9-digit postcodes.

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